Keep Me Safe Beam of Light Pendant

Keep Me Safe Beam of Light Pendant


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Keep Me Safe

The combination of stones chosen for the Keep Me Safe are to aid in travel on land, air or sea.  To protect anyone who could face danger, illness or negativity such as travelers, pilots, soldiers, children or anyone in everyday life.

Also in helping guard Children from their fears.

Selenite opens the pathway to connect to the highest realms; opening all our chakras.  It is a pwoerful tool to connect with teachers, opening all our chakras.  It is a powerful tool to connect with teachers, angels and guides by opening our higher self.  The soothing properties of Selenite allow one to become calm, centered and filled with divine light.  Selenite constantly cleanses and recharges itself.

Turquoise was used by the American Indians for protection against physical injury and harm.  At all times and all over the world, Turquoise has been worn as natural protection against the powers of darkness.  Turquosie is regarded today as the protective stone of pilots, air crews and other occupational groups who are exposed to an especially high degree of risk.  It also aids the body to remove viral infections and has an anti-inflammatory response.

Aquamarine is a wonderful stone to calm the mind, bringing focus and clarity in any given situation.  It is also protective while traveling over sea or by air.  Aquamarine is a protective stone that can be worn to relieve pain and ensure good health.  Aquamarine is a stone of courage which accelerates the intellectual reasoning process, releases fears and calms nerves.

Black Tourmaline deflects negative energies in all circumstances.  It can protect you against debilitating diseases and aids the immune system.  Black Tourmaline helps to clear the aura and surrounding environment of negative vibrations.

Selenite is a very soft crystal; it should be handled with care.  It should never be washed or placed in water because this can erode or damage its surface.  Handle with the utmost care.  Use Sage or moonlight if you wishe to cleanse your pendant.