Wholesale & Dropship

Apply for a Wholesale or Dropship account online.  Form below.

About our Discount program:

Our website is setup for RETAIL purchasing and prices.  You need to apply for the Wholesale/Dropship program discount using the form below. Once we have verified you and designated you in our database you will to be able to get the wholesale or dropship discount pricing on your orders.

Wholesale customers receive 50% Discount with a minimum order of $50 at checkout.

Dropship customers receive 35% Discount with no minimum order amount at checkout.

How to use the Discount:

Shop knowing the prices shown are RETAIL PRICES as you add them to the cart. To make checkout easier, log in first, then when you go to checkout you can get your discount by typing in the word "WHOLESALE" or "DROPSHIP" in the discount box at checkout. It will then apply the code. Your discount price will then show on your invoice. If you are setup in our database as part of this program, your prices will be adjusted on your order to reflect your participation in our program. See a Visual below as where to enter your discount. 


PLEASE NOTE:   If you are a past customer and you checkout and notice you are not seeing the discount, please call us to verify your address and email in our new database. Are you wholesale? make sure you have the minimum balance, if Dropship again call our office to see if we can help you. Thanks for your patience.  

See the example below:  First is without a discount showing, the second is with your discount (note wholesale has to have a minimum of $50 on order for the discount to be used). 

Apply for Our Discount Program: 

To receive a Wholesale or Dropship Discount, you need to apply and be designated as such BEFORE you place an order.