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Seven Light Centers

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Awakened Insight Medicine Pouch
Awakened Insight Medicine Pouch AWAKENED INSIGHT 6th Chakra - Third Eye Planetary Influence: Mercury and Neptune Colors: Indigo Blue - Truth, Vision Purple - Spi…
Brilliant Sun Medicine Pouch
Brilliant Sun Medicine Pouch BRILLIANT SUN 3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus Planetary Influence: Sun and Mars Colors: Amber - Learning, Strength Yellow - Confidence,…
Creative Fire Medicine Pouch
Creative Fire Medicine Pouch CREATIVE FIRE 2nd Chakra - Naval Planetary Influence: Mars and Sun Color: Orange - Creativity, Procreation Stones: Carnelian - in…
Earth Energy Medicine Pouch
Earth Energy Medicine Pouch EARTH ENERGIES 1st Chakra - The Root of the Kundalini Planetary Influence: Pluto, Mars Colors: Red - Courage, Passion Black - Pro…
Eternal Sky Medicine Pouch
Eternal Sky Medicine Pouch ETERNAL SKY 5th Chakra - Throat Center Planetary Influence: Mercury and Neptune Color: Blue - Tranquility, Serenity Stones: Aquam…
Infinite Love Medicine Pouch
Infinite Love Medicine Pouch INFINITE LOVE 4th Chakra - Heart Center Planetary Influence: Moon and Venus Colors: Pink - Harmony, Love Green - Healing, Cleansi…
Inspiration Medicine Pouch
Inspiration Medicine Pouch INSPIRATION 7th Chakra - Crown Chakra Planetary Influence: Uranus Colors: White - Divine light, Clairvoyance, Purity Purple - Spi…