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Vision Hawk Series

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Earth Mother Earrings
Earth Mother Earrings EARTH MOTHER She calls forth now - time of change, asking for us to awaken ourselves, and acknowledge our power to heal. Tourmaline - …
Inner Child with Dolphins
Inner Child with Dolphins Inner Child Awaken me of your dream time open my heart, and folly to the love you bring to me. Citrine- Alignment wit…
Peaceful One Earrings
Peaceful One Earrings Peaceful One Shared in the silence of a meditative state, tranquility and bliss is felt. Gratitude is given as my lov…
Power Place Silver Earrings
Power Place Silver Earrings POWER PLACE O' Great place of power within me,  show me and guide me  to that place of empowerment.  So I may…
Red Arrow Earrings
Red Arrow Earrings Red Arrow Point me in the direction of my earthly path, protect me of others and myself so I may gain personal power and …
Starborn Earrings
Starborn Earrings STARBORN A remebrance to those who yearn for a place not so forgotten, Fluorite- Connection to interdimensional communication…
Vision Hawk Earring
Vision Hawk Earring VISION HAWK Show me the power of vision teach me to see ahead. Let me fly upon your wings and view the world from afar. So that…
Wisdom Keeper Earrings
Wisdom Keeper Earrings WISDOMKEEPER Wise One, of all Nations answers our prayers, teaches us to go within, and know that the wisdom, the answe…