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Our goal is to keep your buisness. While we continue to update our service and website, please let us know your ideas or concerns. Below are some “frequently asked questions” If you are having problems with our site, or finding product, feel free to call us toll free at (800)378-4327, or send us an email by clicking here.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How will you ship my product?

      We use UPS, or U.S. Postal service unless otherwise requested.


What type of solder do you use?

      We use “Silvergleem” solder which is lead free and contains 95% tin and 5% silver.


How fast do you ship?

      We will ship your order immediately except weekends or if the item is out of stock.


If my item is not in stock when can I expect it shipped?

      We will contact you with the estimated ship date.


Does a description (meaning) card and come with the product?



Do all of your pendants come with satin cord?



Do all of your medium and large wands come with Pouch and Description Card?



Why are some images not available?

      We are continually updating our product pages, please check back soon, or call for a catalog.


Do you sell outside the U.S?

      Yes, just click here and send us an email.